Lex – The Author

These days I go by Alexa Perez, my maiden name is Rydelek. I am twenty-five years young and a stay-at-home momma to two little monstrous angels. I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Elementary Education, and I just began my first ever teaching position! As a stay-at-home momma I had too much time on my hands, now I don’t have nearly enough, so life is wonderfully chaotic these days!

I love all things food, diet is by far my trickiest challenge. I’m a fan of neutral colors, dainty details, and crisp and clean simplicity. I hate all things housework: laundry, grocery shopping, lengthy cooking. Of course I get it done, but I’d rather be doing anything but that! Because they aren’t exactly my forte, I love to read about party planning, fashion, and home decor. Mostly, I’m on a mission of self-improvement and newfound confidence. I put my heart into this blog in hopes of reflecting on the past and improving my future. Never stop building your empire!

I’m new to the blogging world, but I love to write and all of the therapeutic loving it gives me. I find myself writing mostly about my journey through motherhood in hopes to give other mommas a little comfort and a lot of support. I’m hoping to gain friends, happiness, and plain ole peer love through this creation of mine. You can e-mail me at alexavperez@yahoo.com, and be sure to make use of my social media links! Oh and I’m wide open to collaboration opportunities!

Happy blogging 💛