6 Infant Must-Haves for Every Momma

Although my baby girl has just recently become a spunky little toddler, after raising two sweet babies I’m feeling really inspired to put together a list of infant must-haves! You can check out my Newborn Necessities if you’re preparing for a brand new bundle of joy, but in the meantime, stay a while! As always, I keep things simple and minimal. Clutter is my biggest enemy, so when it comes to baby must-haves, I try to keep it quaint. Plus, I always aim for budget friendly go-to products. I only recommend what’s realistic for the average wallet! With that said, here’s my top six picks for life with an infant:

  1. MAM Anti-Colic Bottle and Trainer Cup – Ava started with a different bottle as a newborn, but when it came time to switch to something with fewer pieces and an easier chug, she showed no hesitation with MAM! The nipple holds a flatter shape, one that fits more naturally against the babies tongue, and the designs are super cute. My favorite feature of all is their self-steaming design! With just a tablespoon or two of water and a microwave you can eliminate any germs or bacteria hanging around – no steam system or bag needed.
  2. Eddie Bauer Rainier Backpack Diaper Bag – because your infant will require all hands on deck before you know it! I love using a backpack for exactly that reason – it doesn’t restrict my arms from helping out with baby. With water-resistant material, a super handy wipe compartment, and pockets galore, there isn’t anything I don’t love about this diaper bag backpack.
  3. Ergobaby 360 Carrier – In my newborn post I included the Ergobaby Original, which was all I had at the time. The biggest difference between the two products is that baby can face forward in the 360 design. With that said, the Original would absolutely work wonderfully for a newborn, with how tiny they are forward facing just wouldn’t be safe anyway. But, the forward-facing feature of the 360 is a MUST with an infant. Ava quickly wanted to glance, gaze and explore every room we wandered together. Ergobaby reigns supreme among other carrier brands; the straps are extremely comfortable on my shoulders and back, and I always feel confident that Ava is comfortably seated in a healthy position.
  4. Bouncer or Exersaucer – We absolutely loved using the Baby Einstein Neighborhood Friends Activity Jumper. The colors were fun and bright, the seat was well cushioned, and the spinning feature really helped strengthen Ava’s back and belly. A good bouncer will keep your little one entertained long enough to get a vacuum session finished or a load of laundry folded, which is harder than you think once your sweet infant is on the move! Plus, it helps support back, leg and core strength while introducing the idea of standing and walking.
  5. Fisher Price Sit-Me-Up Floor Seat – This chair, ah, it is wonderful. Once your little babe is able to roll over, it might be tough getting them to truly participate in tummy time. A floor seat will make it much easier to ensure they’re spending enough time off of their oh-so soft head. I absolutely recommend this chair over others, as so many fellow moms have complained about chunky baby thighs not being able to fit in other options. The padded cover is machine washable, so when Ava had a full diaper blowout while kickin’ back in this seat, cleanup was super easy!
  6. Graco Pace Click Connect Stroller – By baby number two we had been through a TON of strollers. I mean single strollers, double strollers, umbrella strollers, frame strollers – you name it, we’ve tried it. But this little Graco, it’s my favorite. The stroller features a single-hand folding system that makes it easy to take in and out of storage. The basket beneath the seat is roomy for all of your on-the-go necesssities, it includes a handy dandy snack try, and the pattern is super cute! We all know how trying strollers can be on the patience of parents, but this Graco model has been such a breeze this time around!

And that is my short and sweet collection of infant must-have items! Of course there’s a ton more out there that might make infant-hood a little easier and a lot sweeter, but these are my top recommendations to all my fellow mommas. Got another necessity? Let me know, after all, a momma can never know too much!



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