6 No-Prep Lunches for Healthy Days On-the-Go

I recently did a post featuring my absolute favorite items from Trader Joe’s (check it out while you’re here!) and while the items from that ever so fabulous store are stellar, not only can I not make it there every week for groceries, some leading ladies don’t even have a location nearby. With that said, I bring you healthy, no prep lunches for working and on the go ladies. I spend a ridiculous amount of time each morning and each evening packing lunch boxes, prepping diaper bags, and preparing meals for the week. So, as always, any shortcut that I can take on myself is a bonus for me! Meal prepping is all the rage right now, mostly because of how easy it makes staying on track with health goals. Well, although I’m skipping the prep, I’ve got ready to go lunches that keep you healthy, energized, full and proud of your diet choices!

1. Marketside Chopped Salad Kits – I buy these right in the produce section of any local Walmart for less than four bucks a bag, and one bag is actually plenty for a day’s lunch. I love a good chopped salad; the crunchy texture is so satisfying. An empty Tupperware is all I need for an easy shake at my desk, and by adding only half of the dressing pouch that comes with it, I cut back on a few unnecessary calories. My favorite varieties are the Lemon Kale and the Sunflower Bacon Crunch!


2. Amy’s Frozen Meals – I love love love the frozen options Amy’s offers. If you’re avoiding carbs these options may not be for you, but they do have gluten free, vegan, and organic varieties, so they absolutely rock the health charts. A quick microwave session is all it takes for a take-out style lunch at my desk, and at just under four bucks, the Pad Thai is a personal favorite.

3. Amy’s Burritos – Again, whoever Amy is, tell her she’s my girl. Mexican food has its own spot in my heart, and so do these burritos. Vegan options, vegetarian options, and gluten free options – there’s a style for anyone. I actually microwave these in the morning before I head out and wrap them in foil, which eliminates a lunch time microwave trip. White rice or leftover veggies from the night before usually partner with one of these burritos, which costs a whopping 2.79$. Easy peasy.


4. evol. Frozen Meals – This company is changing the frozen aisle for the better! They use real food and real ingredients with zero antibiotics, artificial items, or GMOs. They’re putting the love back in frozen food for the same price of any ol’ frozen meal. I’m currently swooning over their Vegetable Enchiladas, I told you I love me some Mexican food, but I’ve got my eye on the Butternut Squash Lasagna. Plus, Walmart and Target both carry this brand!


5. Publix Boar’s Head Cransational Chicken Salad – If you don’t have a Publix near you I am incredibly sorry for including this sweet treat, but I love this chicken salad. It comes packaged in perfect little lunch portions. Sometimes I scoop it onto crackers, sometimes I spread it over a croissant, and sometimes I just eat it with a spoon. This chicken salad is fresh, light, perfectly crunch, and best of all, already prepared!

6. Organic Soups – I love both Amy’s Organic Soup and Progresso Organic Soup. If you’re like me, you’re probably thinking that soup is just not enough food to fill you up. But a pack of crackers to crumble atop, a side of fruit and a good chunky granola bar get the job done. I can heat the soup in the microwave at work, or pack it in a thermos for even less workday prep. After all, an organic lunch at just under three bucks is a major win for this momma.




Between the frozen items and organic soups the sodium level might add up quicker than you’d like. It’s super important to flush it all down with plenty of good water. Because my lunches are sometimes on the higher end of salt intake, I make sure to go light with seasoning and butter at dinner time, especially on my veggies – I try to keep those as raw and light as possible! The same rule goes for my breakfast, I stick to healthier options like whole grain cereal bars or coconut milk yogurt cups.

Lastly, I’m always open to new ideas. Share with me your quick and easy go-to meals, Lord knows I’m always on the lookout for a kitchen mix-up!

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