My Weekly Trader Joe’s Haul

Up until recently I had only been to Trader Joe’s once or twice. The closet location for us is about twenty minutes down one highway and a few side streets. Everyone loves the idea of a more natural diet and pantry, but most often you think of a higher price tag alongside this desirable menu. WELL. Trader Joe’s, much like Target, has earned my undying love and adoration. If you check out the their website they’ve got one major goal in mind – “hard-to-find, great-tasting foods for great prices.” I’ve been doing my best to get there every Saturday, as many of their products have become MAJOR staples in our weekly routine. So here’s my typical Trader Joe’s haul, a handful of especially wonderfully, especially reasonable, super scrumptious grocery items.

Trader Joe’s Speculoos Cookie & Cocoa Swirl – Let’s just get this baby out of the way, since it’s probably the most well-known item from Trader Joe’s. It’s our indulgence, by no means is this a more natural or healthier option in our kitchen. But spread a spoonful of this on a pretzel, graham cracker, or heck, eat it right off the spoon, and you could turn a rough day into a glorious evening. It’ll cost you what a typical jar of peanut butter does, and in my case, well I would pay double if I had to.

Trader Joe's Speculoos Spread


Trader Joe’s Prepared Salads – When I said that this list has become part of our weekly routine, I especially meant these salads. I bring one to work for lunch almost every day. The price is unbeatable, just 4 or 5 bucks for a salad that takes two minutes to whip up at my desk. No prep needed, no dressing spill or leaky Tupperware lid. They have meat options, meatless options, vegan options, and size options. I simply love these.

Trader Joe's Prepared Salads


Trader Joe’s 100% Coconut Water – I’m a sucker for good coconut water, since I pretty much only drink water and coffee. To my luck, Trader Joe’s sells this handy dandy little bottle without any additives or extras.

Trader Joe's Coconut Water


Trader Joe’s Gluten Free Cauliflower Crust Cheese Pizza – With the urgent rise of the flu around here, lately I’ve been really focused on enhancing my four year old’s diet and nutritional intake. This pizza gives him another serving of veggies that he often misses, and he has no idea he’s even doing so. Since it’s prepared and frozen, I don’t have to go through the process of what a homemade cauliflower crust entails, while also having piece of mind from Trade Joe’s quality standard. I just might start grabbing two of these every Saturday since the price is what any ol’ frozen pizza would cost me, between four and five bucks.

Trader Joe's Cauliflower Crust Pizza


Trader Joe’s Blueberry Waffles – GUYS. We have been eating blueberry waffles each morning since way back when my first baby started solids. These outshine any other frozen waffle by far and make for a super simple school morning breakfast. At less than two dollars a box they’re even cheaper than the brand I was previously buying. I would buy these by the dozen if I could.

Trader Joe's Frozen Blueberry Waffles


Trader Joe’s Organic Coconut Oil – Beauty, cooking, cleaning, by now you know the many uses and benefits of coconut oil. If you do, you also know the price tag on top ain’t cheap either. At just a little over five bucks, I absolutely consider this a bang for my buck.

Trader Joe's Coconut Oil


Trader Joe’s Organic Brown Rice & Quinoa Fusilli Pasta – I’m still trying to nail a hidden veggie mac’n’cheese recipe, but this was the inspiration behind the idea. These noodles provide a great deal of nutrients compared to regular good-for-nothin’ pasta. They’re about double the price of regular pasta, but considering that means two dollars a bag instead of one, it’s easily worth the “splurge.” If you do have a knock-out hidden veggie recipe, please send it my way down below! I’m dying for a good go-to for my little ones.

Trader Joe's Pasta


Trader Joe’s Tea Tree Oil Pure Vegetable Soap – Obsessed does not even begin to cover how I feel about these sweet little bars of beauty. I’ve been using tea tree oil on just about everything skin related for about a year now, so when I saw these soap bars I had to give them a try. They cleared up the rash I almost always have across the back of my arms in just a few days, and my husband swapped out his usual face wash for a lather with these. They’re just two dollars and change for a two-pack, an even cheaper purchase than our usual soap items.

Trader Joe's Bar Soap


Trader Joe’s Arugula and Parmigiano Reggiano Ravioli – This specific filling is simply delicious, but if it isn’t your style, know that they have a few different varieties such as spinach, beef, roasted cauliflower and cheese, and roasted butternut squash. This Italian-raised girl loves a good ravioli for Sunday dinner, but refrigerated options can be pricey. For just four dollars you can fill two good dinner plates, and don’t forget to chop up a few for the baby – my baby girl loves a good carb like her momma.

Trader Joe's Ravioli


Trader Joe’s Sliced French Brioche – My husband loves French Toast more than he loves me. Kind of kidding, kind of not. This bread changed the breakfast game in my house, and he actually told me, “I’m never eating French Toast again if it’s not with this bread.” Fancy brioche can cost a ton more than your average loaf, but at just four bucks, you can skip the breakfast diner and go home-style.

Trader Joe's French Brioche Bread

Fresh flowers, fresh produce, and cold-brewed coffee. Mini-sized shopping carts, an aisle full of wine, and ever so functional brown paper bags. Trader Joe’s is incredibly worth the fad it’s currently experiencing. From moms and bloggers to college kids and singles, the food and the value suit any shopper. I’m sure this weekly haul list will only grow from here, but take my recommendations and give it a shot! Before you know it, Target will have to make room in your heart for another beloved haven.

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