Cheeky Baby Mealtime Perfection

I don’t splurge on too many baby items, mostly because we all know baby bowls, spoons, containers, and sippy cups seem to vanish from time to time. Somehow, in my household, we can’t seem to hold on to anything these days! But one thing I love splurging on is the oh-so-cute and whimsical products Cheeky Baby brings to the table. The literal table! They have a line of infant and toddler tableware that is out of this world cute. But the appeal isn’t all that makes these products splurge-worthy, the durability of their items have held up quite well against my vivacious four-year-old and my on-the-loose infant. And by “splurge” I certainly don’t mean monetarily. All of the items down below are between just two and six dollars! In my case, it’s a splurge simply because they are far more stylish and heartwarming than my usual hand-me-downs.


Let me tell you a little bit about the company, because their dedication to helping America is nothing short of wonderful. Alongside Feeding America and No Kid Hungry, Cheeky provides one meal to a person in need for every item of theirs that is purchased. You can check out the statistics on their website, but put simply, a whopping 1 in 8 people in the United States faces hunger. Cheeky has joined the good fight! So far they have generated 14 million meals for donation, and the employees spend their time volunteering at local agencies and raising awareness for those hungry and in need. By making a Cheeky purchase, you’re also joining the good fight, and a percentage of your money spent goes directly towards these organizations.

But back to the Cheeky Baby products! They have a cup suitable for just about any age – hard spout, soft spout, sippy and straw, cutlery for both infant and self-feeding stages, bowls, storage containers, plates, AND silicone bibs! Should you purchase a few cups, and should you find yourself a bit confused on assembly or washing, their website even has tutorial videos to walk you through it.


So far, we’ve had the pleasure of using their Cheeky Baby Feeding Spoons, Cheeky Baby Divided Plates, and their Cheeky Baby Bowls & Lids. The feeding spoons are pleasantly soft and provide comfort for the most sensitive baby gums. The handles are long and curved, taking it easy on your hand during those trickier feedings, because we all know sometimes a tired little one just isn’t havin’ it. Although the spoons are dishwasher safe, I’m more of hand-washing type of momma, and even dried on food rinses right off these slick little spoons.

CheekyBabyPlatesAs for the plates, they are incredibly cute! The colors are super versatile for any age or gender, so you don’t have to worry about purchasing different packs for different babes. They stack perfectly, making storage exceptionally easy. They, too, are dishwasher safe, and the printed detail holds up really well washing after washing. They are so durable, they slid right through Ava’s across-the-room chuck, because well, that’s my Ava!


And lastly, my favorite of the bunch, the bowls with lids. I’ve come across far too many baby containers that leak all over my diaper bag, and boy it can be frustrating. The seal on these items are superb by far. Even after a few washes, the lids haven’t shown any sign of wear and tear, and I can feel confident throwing one into my bag for on-the-go feedings! They also stack wonderfully for easy-peasy storage, and the design, as always, is unbeatable.

Cheeky Baby products have added so much to our mealtimes: ease, comfort, and most of all, style! Their products are built with love for others, and bringing that to our dinner table sets a beautiful example and tone for my family meals. You can find Cheeky products – baby, kid, and home – online or in a Target store near you. As if they weren’t already spot-on, they’re smack dab in the middle of my home-away-from-home!



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