Budget-Friendly Living Room Kids Corner

I haven’t posted a new blog piece in almost two weeks. I wish that were the worst of it, but that also means I haven’t even written anything in almost two weeks. Life as a working momma is quickly engulfing me, swallowing me up whole and spittin’ me back out. If I’m being honest, I don’t quite love this space yet, it certainly isn’t a dreamy Pinterest-perfect area; but the functionality of it is spot on, and I thought it would be neat to show some progress as I continue to add detail and decor. 

I don’t do many things around my house wonderfully. I haven’t found my knack for decorating, and I certainly can’t keep up with the cleaning and organization my tribe requires. But one thing I seem to have down is my living room “kids corner.” I would LOVE to have a dreamy living room, one without toys and snack crumbs and juice spills. Unfortunately, we rent (a very lovely) townhome at the moment, so we have one downstairs living room to cater to the various needs of each family member.

On top of that, my son is terrified to be upstairs alone. For the life of me, I can not figure out why, and sometimes it makes me a little weary of upstairs myself! So after moving in just a few months ago, I started building a kids corner so my two sweet babes could have a space that keeps them busy and entertained while momma works around the house. So, what’s in my budget-friendly living room kids corner?


  1. IKEA LACK Side Table– I know my fellow mommas have seen the OUTRAGEOUS prices they smack on children’s table sets. I mean, one stroke of a sharpie could waste a ton of money. This IKEA table has been nothing short of perfection for the meals and crafts that go on in this space, and I got it for a whopping 10 bucks. It wipes clean with a damp paper towel, and the height works really well for my 4-year-old to sit and my 9-month-old to stand against. Plus, I love the comfort of knowing that I can replace it for just a few dollars.
  2. IKEA MAMMUT Children’s Stool – I scored two super functional chairs for 6 bucks each. They’re plastic, so should one topple over my infant, I don’t have to worry about any bumps or bruises! They snap together for simple assembly, and they come in enough colors to match any space.
  3. Threshold Jacquard Woven Throw – That tasseled rug underneath our children’s table is actually a throw blanket, and that was a huge money saver for this space. Rugs can be quite pricey, especially for print or detailed pieces, so instead, I scored this throw for 25 bucks from Target. It’s a super durable material, in fact, I spilled an entire cup of coffee on it and somehow still managed to save it! The tassels and the triangle print keep it fun and kiddish for this corner. Target is currently not selling this throw blanket, but the idea behind it is definitely worth sharing.
  4. Threshold 6-Cube Organizer – Cube organizers are my life! I would probably put one in every room of my house if it didn’t make me seem a bit obsessed. The bins are the only way I can organize all of the itty bitty pieces that are kept in this space, and the black and grey tones keep it neutral to go alongside the rest of my living room.



5. Chalk/Dry-Erase Duo Board – This is one piece I plan on replacing with something a little newer and cleaner. We were given this from a family member, so I haven’t been able to justify spending money on another one. For now, this provides my boy with a fun space to reinforce those tricky alphabet letters he’s been working on in school!

6. Books! – I work in education; what kind of fraud would I be if my kids corner didn’t have books? VPK has finally instilled an interest in books for my little one, so I try to swap out the shelf collection every few weeks. I also include a mix of board books and paper books, as my Ava girl gets a bit jealous and likes to flip through (chew on) a board page while big brother and I read. A few of our current favorites are the “If You Give A….” series by Laura Numeroff, and the “Skippy Jon Jones” series by Judith Schachner.



7. Art Bin – Crafts are a lifesaver when it comes to keeping my son entertained while I try to work around the house. In our art bin you’ll find our well-loved Crayola collection of washable paint, washable watercolors, crayons, markers, colored pencils, Elmer’s glue, scissors, and Play-Doh. This bin didn’t start out so full! More and more pieces were added as my crazy boy learned the rules of each.


8. Old Halloween costumes for a day of dress-up, blankets for a cool Fall morning, a designated baby bin of soft and safe toys for infant play, and a few favorite action figures all come together to complete this space!



Downstairs, on the floor of our living room, is not only where I spend most of my time with my kids, but where I also spend my favorite time with my kids. Living in a townhouse, it was crucial that I created a space where my kids can feel comfortable enough to make messes, play a little, and laugh a lot without being alone upstairs. But there’s always room for improvement! So next on my list is a more modern, design-friendly chalkboard, some wall art to liven it up a bit, and even more organized space for the upcoming Christmas presents we’ll soon add! Stay tuned for the updates.

I’m always looking to improve! Leave behind any tips or tricks you’ve found useful for some budget-friendly designated areas for your kiddos.

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