Traditions in my Ergo

The presence of October means so many wonderful things for us mommas: baby rolls stuffed into pumpkins, family photos at the local patch, and adorable costumes for the little ones. What’s even more special about this time of year? Pumpkin spice coffee for the caffeine-addicted moms, getting the kids in and out of the car with a little less sweat, and the sudden acceptance of baggy sweatpants. That’s right, I know you’re nodding your head. But for the Perez bunch, October also means the annual St. Mary Magdalen Community Fest! Since marrying into the most lovingly rambunctious Puerto Rican family, it has become an absolute tradition that we attend this fair every year. And believe me, I’m not complaining. Crispy buffalo chicken wings, funnel cakes, fried Oreos, and ooey-gooey arepas (I only know that word because of my spicy hubby.) Obviously the food is my favorite part, but rides for the kids and a beer tent for the men can make any momma happy all weekend long.


This year was a bit of a treat, considering that it was the first time my husband didn’t have to work that Sunday. Usually we have to figure out how to cram most of the adventure into just a few hours, and I cover the rest on my own, but this year his newly improved schedule really helped out. So we headed to the fest Saturday night, the weather had actually lightened up a bit which was even sweeter. My husbands grandmother lives right around the corner from the church, so we score free parking in exchange for a quick walk down the street. Looking at the sweet face up there, I would say the walk isn’t a tough price to pay. First things first, my husband and I grabbed an order of wings to split. I mean, the second we hear the word “fair” is the same second we think “wings,” they are just THAT good. Leo headed for the kiddie rides – a clown-themed fun house, the pastel sky-high slides, twirling crocodiles and a dragon roller coaster. He must have rode that same handful of rides at least a dozen times each over the weekend, my boy just doesn’t get tired.

And then mommy had the bright idea to push the envelope a bit and put him on the Tornado. THE TORNADO. What in the world made me think that something by the name of a ferocious natural disaster would be enjoyable for a four-year-old? You guessed it, he screamed the entire time. Lucky for me, he chose dad to ride with him, so I spent those three terrible minutes trying to distract him, waving my hands in the air and cheering him on. You know the typical, “Look at mommy babe, I’m right here. You’re doing great, you’re having so much fun!” unworthy attempt. He ran to me the second his seat belt was off, and like any other momma, I held him with such guilt, but with also just a bit of laughter. After all, can’t knock it ‘til you try it at the annual community fest!

So the first thing I think of yummy food, but the second thing I think of is the Goldfish you can win at the game tents. My husband takes major pride and joy in winning Goldfish for my babies to bring home. We probably spend MUCH more than what they’re actually worth trying to win the game, a trip to PetSmart would probably be a bit easier, but his love for the process never ceases. It’s probably this super sweet reaction that wins him over, and it’s the closest thing we have to a family pet at the moment!




And where was my Ava girl during this grand adventure? In my Ergobaby Baby Carrier, of course! Attempting to push our stroller in between the crowds of people and through the piles of dirt was just too difficult. Using our Ergobaby Carrier made the day much simpler. I was able to go hands-free and assist my boy with getting on and off the rides, indulge in some seriously scrumptious fair food, and prepare her meals and snacks with the ease of two free hands. I didn’t have to worry about leaving the stroller unattended while we waited in lines or loaded the kids onto the merry-go-round. Plus, the gentle motion of walking as she snuggles close to me always helps rock her to sleep without a heavy-eyed tantrum. Ergobaby offers numerous award-winning baby carriers that fit right into family days effortlessly, and they make our every-day outings such a breeze! You can find out more about their products at:

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Needless to say, it was another wonderful October weekend spent with all the pieces to my heart. Ava’s first round at this family tradition was a total success and a sweet treat to all my mommy emotions. St. Mary Magdalen Community Fest, you are a second home to my babies and I.

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