Bath Time Essentials for the Basic Momma

In between the diaper blowouts and the milk spit-up comes bath time, my absolute favorite time with my little ones. Nothing feels better than washing off the day’s dirt and germs! Two babies later and I’ve mastered a light list of bath time baby or child must-haves. I’m a minimalist momma, I don’t drive myself crazy over finding exclusive or top of the line washes. Rather, I stick to the basics for an easy breezy bath time routine! And to top it all off, I partnered with Moss and Marsh to share the item I just couldn’t master bath time without!

Moss and Marsh Bath Mitt – The inspiration behind this blog piece! One thing I am picky about when it comes to bath necessities is any type of loofah or mitt I use on my baby girl. If the texture is too rough and scratchy her skin will get red almost instantly (she’s a bit sensitive), but Moss & Marsh has just the right feel. I can work up a nice lather to make sure all the bits and pieces of the day are washed off, while also sliding in between every chunky baby roll. The mitt is comfortable on my hand and stays in place well enough to catch a soapy, slippery baby! And once bath time is over and I lay it out, it dries pretty quickly to avoid stink or smell. One thing I can’t get enough of? The print and color of this mitt! Moss and Marsh has soft yet cute neutral colors to match any bathroom decor, and when paired with octopuses, crustaceans or moss print, they are super stylish for any little one!


How cute is this package!




Johnson & Johnson Baby Wash & Lotion – Their line of products have been a part of my household since my first babe! I must say, the Bedtime Baby Moisture Wash has completely won over my heart since the first time we tried it. Although it’s proven to help babies fall asleep quicker, I use this even for midday or morning baths since the smell is just that divine. No harm done in encouraging a little quiet time, am I right? Followed by the Johnson & Johnson Aloe and Vitamin E Baby Lotion, another favorite of mine, and my angel babies are beautifully bathed.




Circo Hooded Towels – Target momma in the house, so these towels are perfect for my baby girl. Soft fabric, cute prints, and enough coverage to wrap up all of her baby chub makes for the perfect towel in my home. And for big brother? The same brand for children! Leo has the brown doggy and the super cool green rhino, adding a whole lot of fun to bath time, so we just might have to add to our collection soon!


Munchkin Bath Letters and Numbers – I let my older babe bring whatever toys he’s diggin’ that day into the bath, but with my baby girl chewing on anything she can get her fat fingers around, I don’t like to give her anything too stiff. These letters and numbers by Munchkin are a soft foam that I don’t have to worry about her chomping down on, but are still durable enough to last over time. In fact, I still use the same set I bought for my son! If you’re worried about mold or mildew, you’re in luck because I’ve got a quick, easy, and most importantly safe way to disinfect: vinegar. I fill my bathroom sink up with hot water, stir in half a cup of vinegar, and let them soak for about twenty minutes. Easy as pie! A good rinse with more hot water and they are good to go.


Sassy Soft Spout Guard – Not only is my boy absolutely reckless, but the mere thought of soap in his eyes sends him into hysterics. We use the head-tilted-back-no-water-to-the-face method when we wash his hair, so this guard keeps him from hitting his head on the metal corners! Plus, the frog design is super cute and fun for bath time.




So that’s it! That’s my quick guide to basic bath time essentials. Are you looking to swap your rough dollar-store loofah for a soft and sweet bath mitt? Shop small and go for Moss and Marsh, you won’t be disappointed with the product or the absolutely awesome owner, Candace – a stay-at-home momma and business owner!

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