Best Baby Snacks

Ava is quickly approaching the 8-month mark, and boy is she loving life now that she’s getting the hang of solid food! Introducing baby snacks has been such a trial-and-error process, especially since the first few attempts can be really scary with an early feeder. Every momma knows that awkward glare your baby gives you as you sit down for a warm meal and leave their high chair tray empty as can be. Infant snacks are the only way I can distract Ava long enough to finish a meal in one sitting, even just after she’s been fed. So after various brands of the same little nibbles – yogurt bites, teething cookies, puffs, and so on – I’ve put together our absolute favorites.


  1. Beech-Nut Yogurt Melties– These were the very first snack I tried with Ava (besides actual purees), and in the beginning I was so nervous, I would break them down into quarter pieces. Beech_Nut definitely melts much easier than other brands I’ve tried, a few others even felt chalky as I would try to break them down and a little chewy in Ava’s mouth. Plus, their “real food promise” and “just 10 ingredients” label make me feel confident in their nutrition, so I bring these absolutely everywhere!
  2. Happy Baby Teethers– The box describes these as “gentle teething wafers” and they are exactly that! From the Yogurt Melties I moved to these sweet little organic (YAY!) cookies, and Ava has adored them. Before her teeth emerged, and before she was able to hold the cookie herself and bring it to her mouth, I would break the wafer into tiny little pieces and feed them to her. The wafer almost immediately softens in her mouth so she hasn’t had any trouble getting these down. Now she’s holding the entire cookie herself and gnawing off little bites, which seems to really soothe her on the days her gums are aching most!
  3. Gerber Yogurt Blends– Just last month Ava really started to fly through formula cans, and we all know just how expensive that bill can be! So I started looking for ways to fill up her plump little belly to eliminate a bottle here and there: bring in the yogurt! From the start Ava couldn’t get enough of these yogurts. They are free of preservatives, artificial flavors and artificial sweeteners. Yes, Gerber has done it again! Ava gets one of these for breakfast every other day, and occasionally I add a spoonful of Gerber Oatmeal if we’ve got a long morning ahead of us.
  4. Happy Baby Superfood Puffs– Infant puffs were the latest addition to Ava’s menu since I think they are the most advanced snack for early feeders. Happy Baby packs veggies, fruits, and grains all into one tiny puff to give your baby a super healthy snack. They even have Choline to support brain and eye health, outshining the other puff brands I’ve tried by far! When I first introduced these of course my nerves were high, so I broke them in half for Ava’s first few attempts. Now she’s grabbing them herself with her chubby fingers a handful at a time!

Not only do all of these snacks for early feeders help them learn the basics of swallowing solids, but they also encourage early fine motor development as they practice self-feeding. Ava is my second angel babe, and as they say, the second time around you’re much more at ease. If you’re nervous about introducing baby snacks don’t let anyone pressure you! Do it at your own pace and when you’re ready, give the Yogurt Melties a try. I’m always looking to add to Ava’s menu, so if you have a baby snack you absolutely love, let me know!

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