A Major League Change-Up

I’ve written so much about my life as a stay-at-home mom and wife, heck, it has been the basis of my entire blog. CUE THE CHANGE-UP – I WENT BACK TO WORK. Yes, you heard that correctly, my days of staying home from sunup to sundown with my sweet yet restless children have been put on hold. If you caught my Instagram story last night you might have seen me mention it, or if you’re friends with my hubby on Facebook he also shared the news.

I’ve mentioned my degree in Education numerous times, I’m obviously pretty proud of it, so let me explain how this all unfolded. A few weeks back, right before the start of school, I went for an interview; a completely unplanned, unexpected, nerve-wracking interview. I hadn’t planned on working this school year, but let me say this: somewhere in the sky the stars aligned, connections were made, and somehow this all fell into place and seemed a little meant to be. I’m keeping this a little vague because although I put almost my entire life on the internet, a little privacy never hurt nobody.

Anyways, the job fell somewhat short and I was asked to take on a temporary substitute position for a woman who was on maternity leave. This short fall was actually quite the relief for me, because throughout this interviewing process my nerves seemed to explode at the thought of leaving my seven-month-old baby doll. So I took the temporary position, I figured it would get my foot in the door of a really incredible elementary school, under a really awesome boss. I liked the idea of inching my brain back into educator mode, as I had spent the last year and half engulfed in motherhood.

A huge part of this success: my family! The support I received from my family during this time was out of this world amazing. I was completely unsure of all of this, as I said, the thought of leaving Ava weighed so incredibly heavy on me. My baby Ava is the kind of baby you want to stay home for. She is sweet and jolly, easy and playful, she makes the days at home fun and special, but it was an opportunity I could not pass up. A year and a half is big in the education world, student curriculum and teacher technology are constantly evolving, so for that reason it’s true to say I wasn’t the most appealing applicant. Not only did my family encourage me, but time after time they reminded me of all of the wonderful things this could mean for my family, and just how much I bring to the table as a teacher. They really helped me put my heartache aside and focus on the positives.

So three weeks into the temporary spot, one Labor Day and one Hurricane Irma later, God opened another door for me. The county added a permanent position to the staff lineup, and just yesterday, Friday, September 23rd, I accepted my very first teaching position for the 2017-2018 school year. The first thing I did was look back to the days that my firstborn Leo was in my belly, and if you would’ve told me that at twenty-five years old I would have two perfect children, a husband who never stops cheering me on, and the start to my career, I would’ve bet all my money against you.

Side note: being a working momma is hectic! The time it takes to prepare everyone for each day, getting the kids dressed before the sun is even up, packing an enormous amount of food so everyone’s belly is full. Then to come home only to cook dinner, bathe the day off of everyone, and prepare for bedtime, just to do it all over again the next day. These past couple of weeks have truly tested my organizational skills! And cleaning, when the heck do I fit that in? There are major pros and cons to both staying home and working!

My family is blessed to have the means to keep me home for as long as I stayed, I will forever cherish my husband for the days he let me wallow in baby loving. Who knows, maybe a third baby will put me right back into it. I commend the mommas who went back to work after six weeks of maternity leave. The day before my first day of work, I must have cried for hours at the thought of my days with Ava being over. I know, dramatic, but that’s me. But an extra income could do so much for us, and these big dreams are truly what keeps me going to work every day. I’m blessed to do something that I love, because somehow spending my days in a classroom makes it feel a little okay to be away from my angel babes. The Perez Family is on the rise, I’ve got my eye on home ownership and a marvelous family vacation! And this mom blog just took on a whole new identity, stay tuned for my life as a new educator!

Thanks be to God.


*That super cute lunchbox you see at the top is mine all thanks to Old Navy. For twelve bucks you can snag one of their super cute designs, too! Believe me, it was hard to pick just one. 

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