Daddy-Daughter Dream

The greatest jealousy I have ever known is the love my husband has for our seven-month-old baby girl. But my God, it is the most beautiful and most comforting feeling I have ever felt.

Our first baby was a little boy, my momma’s boy, the softest spot in my heart. I spent three years completely oblivious to the remarkable bond my son and I built. I never realized that with the birth of my son, I had actually fallen completely in love with someone new. And then my baby girl came into this world, and I watched my husband fall completely in love with someone newer.


In my eyes, their bond is heavenly. She softened his heart in just a few minutes the day she was born. She has shown him fear and worry in a way that will only make him an even better man than he already was before her. Men will always say they don’t want baby girls, they will root for boys time and time again, my husband did so too, but I know our angel girl is something he wouldn’t change for the world.

I joke with him all of the time and say, “you’re welcome,” for that sweet baby girl of ours. I remind him that it was my body that created his perfect little angel. And that, my fellow mommas, is pure jealousy. But the absolute best kind of jealousy there is, because I would let her steal his heart a million times over again.

I love how obsessed my daughter and him are with each other. I love that when he enters a room, he is all that she looks at. She even giggles when he walks in the door from a day at work. I love when he admires her so deeply and says, “Gosh I freakin’ love her.” Each time they blush at each other my heart melts a bit more. Watching their bond begin and grow has been just as blissful as building the same bond my son and I share. It’s true, what they say: you think you love your husband, and then you see him with your daughter and you love him even more.


When I tell people about their obsessive love for one another I pretend it annoys me. I roll my eyes and “brush it off” as jealousy continues to engulf me.  But if I’m being honest, really I am bragging. I have dreamed of having a daughter since I was still just a kid myself, and with that was the dream of her and her perfect daddy. He has made that dream come true for me and it’s beyond worthy of bragging. I thank the Lord every day that she will always have such a wonderful man to love and adore her, to provide for her and protect her as she grows. That’s something not all little girls get to keep forever.

And yes, I may joke that I gave him his most prized possession, but he too gave me my beloved babies. We are forever indebted to each other in the most wonderful way.


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