8 Signs You’re a Formula-Feeding Momma (& our favorite bottles)

I’m a formula-feeding momma, I have been since my first angel babe. You can catch my (harsh) breastfeeding journey on another piece of mine, Breastfeeding is for the Brave, but here I’ll spare you the details. So now for the fun part: eight signs that you’re a formula-feeding momma!

8 signs you're a formula-feeding mom

  1. You have little trails of formula powder everywhere – on your night stand, in every crevice of your car, underneath your finger nails, across every counter top in your kitchen, anywhere and everywhere.
  2. Your idea of spicing things up is buying a cute new water bottle for baby bottle water. (Heads up: the dollar store ones work perfectly fine for us.)
  3. You don’t dare to use those little tri-sectioned formula holders because who in the world would risk bringing only three bottles worth anywhere?
  4. You have experienced the wretched stench of a bottle found under your bed, a bottle you hadn’t seen in days, and all of its chunky little remnants.
  5. You have fought the dying urge to prop a bottle and soothe your hysterical baby because although the macaroni and cheese on the stove may burn to a black crisp, they have burned into your brain the dangers of bottle propping.
  6. You can accurately measure any number of ounces into a baby bottle – blindfolded or even in the deepest stage of sleep.
  7. You watch Grandma vigorously shake the bottle to make sure the formula mixes well, but you know three good pumps would easily do the trick.
  8. Breastfeeding  just wasn’t your thing, maybe you experienced heartache because of it, maybe you never wanted to try, but that full baby belly and sweet milky smile is something you wouldn’t change for the world.

And as an added bonus, my top three baby bottle brands! Between leaky lids, stretched out nipples, and ridiculousy difficult cleaning crevices, finding the right bottle is a must. With my firstborn money was tight, so I tried bottle after bottle in hopes of finding the cheapest yet reliable option. So, two babies later and too many trials to count, I have my top three favorites!

  1. MAM – MAM bottles have my entire heart. I’ve had the same set of four for about three months now, and still no leaks or dripping! They have a self-sanitizing system that eliminates any need for a steaming tray or bags, and nothing makes the heart happy like a freshly steamed bottle for your precious babe. The nipple shape is super unique and their baby-approval is sky high.
  2. Tommee Tippee – I used this brand for the first three months with my second baby and they were wonderful. The small nipple atop a larger surface mimics a natural breast really well. With just two pieces they are super easy to clean and the thick, high quality material makes them totally durable.
  3. Dr. Brown’s – These were my go-to with my firstborn for so many months! I remember being so afraid of colic and gas issues, and their vent system put my mind at ease. The quality is superb so they’re a great bang for your buck. As your baby gets older and less vulnerable to belly issues the many pieces become a bit of a hassle to clean, but nonetheless a great early stages bottle worth every piece!

top three favorite and best baby bottles

Got a formula-feeding sign to add to my list? Do you absolutely adore a different bottle brand? Let me know down below, I’m all about a work in progress!

4 thoughts on “8 Signs You’re a Formula-Feeding Momma (& our favorite bottles)

  1. I laughed at watching your mom shake the bottle. I totally can relate to this. And then one day I lost my cool and said something. How hard is it to make a bottle? She knew I was stressed because momming is hard and she was very gracious about it. But just measure and mix!


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