Boon Pulp Silicone Feeders

It’s always hard on the heart when your sweet baby reaches six-months old. While they are busy reaching new milestones you are busy wondering how you are going to introduce solids. This can be a confusing stage, but goodness it can be so fun to watch them be so puzzled and so messy all at the same time. So what has made Ava’s introduction to solids SO easy? Boon Pulp Silicone Feeders.

boon pulp feeder

These feeders are downright perfect! I had tried similar products a few years back with my firstborn, but had little luck. The smooth silicone Boon uses is super soft and comfortable on Ava’s sensitive gums so she can chew away without pain and discomfort. The absolute greatest benefit is that it keeps her safe from chunks of food her narrow throat can’t swallow yet. For stiffer fruit, like melon, you can give it a squeeze or two to give your baby a head start. It’s also amazingly easy to hand-clean as it features a simple snap-on ring to open and close the feeder. Smashed food washes right off rather than the usual mesh or netting that traps bits of food and requires a good scrub. The handle is small and firm so Ava is able to grasp it easily on her own, which means this momma gets a bit of a break! And aside from all of these awesome features, Boon gives you bright color options and a cute yet modern design.

image2 (7)
Ava enjoying chilled strawberries.
image3 (5)
When Ava gets tired, brother can help!











Ava has adored gnawing on some chilled fruit, both to fill her belly and to soothe her teething gums. Her favorites are strawberries and green grapes! Boon Pulp Feeders have made introducing solids a breeze in our house. We purchased ours at Target for a super reasonable price. Give it a shot and check out Boon’s website for more feeding and bath accessories!



image1 (16)

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