Bittersweet Back to School

It’s finally here, the bittersweet ritual of back to school. All summer long the days have dragged on as us mommas anxiously awaited the school year. For countless days our kids have driven us completely nuts. They have skipped every meal only to ask for a snack every thirty seconds. They have ran circles around the living room and stubbed each toe on a different toy. They have woken their baby sister up from every single nap taken. They have stayed up way too late only to ruin the next day with their exhausted, crabby attitudes. They have seen every park, every splash-pad, and every new movie too many times to count. And with lots of coffee, little patience, many headaches and much too little sleep, we have pushed through as super-summer-mommas.

So why is the first day of school so “bittersweet”? Because our babies are now another year older, another year closer to not needing us so much. The hours we have together each week are now just not enough to keep from missing their dirty, crumb-filled faces. They will soon make new friends and find a new crush on someone that catches their innocent little eye. They will think someone other than you, their courageous teacher, was sent straight from Heaven. This time next year they will be a foot taller, a little less baby-faced, and much much sassier.

The summer drives us crazy, but watching them grow up drives us crazier.


Well wishes to all the moms and their babies starting a new adventure with another new school year.

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