Pray For You

Last night I was going to bed, running through my usual bedtime routine, when it dawned on me: I never pray for myself. Every night when I close my eyes I pray because I believe in the power of faith and prayer. Every night I go down the list of everything I want to thank Him for and what I hope to find in the next couples of days. In fact, right now a nasty sinus infection has got a hold of me, I am in the middle of dreaming big for my blog, and I am deep in supporting my family through a life transition. Just as I was about to close off my prayer and drift into Dreamland, I realized that with all of these reasons to say a quick prayer for myself, I didn’t.

I don’t know if this is something us moms do, like so many other aspects of our life we put ourselves last. I pray for my husband, I pray for my children, I pray for my mother and my siblings, but I don’t take the time to pray for myself. Maybe it is partly because sometimes I think it feels selfish; when I think of prayer, I think of helping the ones I love. But that’s not being fair to myself, because if I’m not praying for myself, who is? As a strong woman and mother I should love myself enough to pray for myself. My dreams and my hopes, my wishes and my worries, all deserve to be heard by the Lord.

Maybe I assume that he will look into my heart and see all of the things I desire. But I don’t think that’s how it works, I think He wants to hear me. Only I never say it. Maybe I just assume that if I pray for my husband and my children and my family, and all of these things fall into place and are taken care of, then I am set. I am good to go. But again, that’s not being fair to myself because if I’m not taken care of, how can I take care of my loved ones?

So I’m going to do my best to change this, and I’m going to encourage all my fellow mommas to pray for yourself. Do not expect Him to find your dreams and wishes on His own. Love yourself enough to ask, love yourself enough to talk about you with Him, and love yourself enough to be selfish in your prayer. I think we would all be surprised by just how much our lives would change with this simple effort. We spend our lives taking care of our families, prayer is the best way we can take care of ourselves.

Featured Image: Just me, out front of my house, trying to feel comfortable in front of the camera. I figured since I’m writing about loving yourself through prayer, it wouldn’t make much sense to once again include a picture of my precious babies.

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