Ava and Her Baby Bling Bows

Ava and I have fallen in deep, obsessive, over-the-moon love with Baby Bling Bows. You may have seen an ad or two of theirs pop up on your Instagram feed, and if you have a princess of your own and scrolled right past it, you have made a BIG mistake.

From the moment I knew the sweet baby in my belly was a sweet baby girl, I imagined ruffled rompers, floral blankets, and extravagant baby bows. Before Ava was even born I began her collection; in fact, bows were my absolute favorite baby item to splurge on while I nested. I kept track of all the colors she had so I could keep up with her growing wardrobe and I even tried to vary up the styles.

Unfortunately, I ended up wasting so much money and so many of these bows. You see, my sweet pea has a bit of a large noggin. Just seconds after she made her way out of my belly the doctor said, “Wow, that’s a bit of a big head.” Not the greatest comment he could have made, but I was mid-cesarean and didn’t have the strength to think too much into it. By the time Ava was three months old most of the infant bows and headbands I purchased were already too small, all except the Baby Bling pieces.

Baby Bling offers so many adorable headband styles from Knots, to Bows, and even Skinnys. Their website also features apparel items like fanny packs and tights, but we haven’t ventured that far yet! Baby Bling Bows are extremely soft and stretchy. They easily wrap around Ava’s head without leaving harsh indents on her fragile baby forehead. They are so comfortable for babies that my recent toy-grabber has yet to try to yank it off. The material reminds me of a woman’s stocking: soft and stretchy yet super durable. The flexibility is key to these headbands, they practically grow with your baby!

image2 (8)

Ava’s current collection includes Classic Knots, a Trimmed Knot, and a Sailor Knot. The Classic Knot is the thinnest and stretchiest of the bunch, and was our original go-to purchase. They don’t actually untie, which is a plus in my book because that would just leave me with the chance to completely ruin it. I can’t tell you how many times I have untied a hair bow only to be left completely lost on how to get it back to its original adorable tie. The color options are ENDLESS, but a few of our favorites are Lemon, Mauve, Black, Ballet Pink, and Grey. She has been wearing these since she was a newborn and they are still going strong, talk about durability!

The Sailor Knot is the same material as the Classic Knot, just a touch thicker. Like the Classics, you also can’t untie this style either. Ava has this headband in Lilac and the color is even prettier than I hoped for. Baby Bling does really well with matching the names of colors to the actual fabric, I haven’t been let down yet. The Sailor Knot is such a cute detail to add to any baby outfit!


The last of Ava’s collection is the Trimmed Knot, which she has in a brown leopard print with a red lace trim. OBSESSED. Even her Daddy is obsessed. This style is the thickest and most firm of the bunch, but still wonderfully perfect for her somewhat bigger head and much more comfortable than other brands we have tried. This headband adds a serious wow factor for your most lavish of days!

The company is ran by moms who know firsthand what best suits babies, which makes me an even bigger fan. They have shipping for as low as 1.99$, a treat compared to usual online shipping charges and they still deliver pretty quickly. They have end-of season semi-annual sales where you can score serious deals, and their social media outlets consistently feature cute headbands and even cuter babies.

So what’s next for Ava’s collection? Baby Bling recently announced they are working on the launch of their Fall line, something I am very excited about as I’ve always favored earthy and subtle tones. And we certainly plan on adding a few more sailor knots to her stash!

Catch Ava and more of her favorite Baby Bling Bows below!


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