My Go-To Item for Everything Household

I was lying in bed last night, restless and unable to doze off, deliberating the same thought I had been for days: how do I want to incorporate some of my favorite brands into the blog? Finally, a starting point came to me: I am embarrassingly obsessed with wipes. I have a variety of wipes at home and on hand at all times. I have tried brand after brand to find just what I like, and I even have back-up brands for when my favorites are out of stock. Wipes are the perfect corner-cutter every momma needs. Who needs to tie up two hands with a paper towel-spray bottle duo when you can have a wipe in one hand and a warm cup of coffee in the other?

It was my latest wipe craze, Huggies Cleansing Wipes, which made me realize my wipe obsession. I scored an on-the-go trial pack in a box of Huggies diapers for my Ava girl and instantly fell in love. These little wipes get rid of 99% of germs without the use of alcohol or harsh chemicals, which makes them also safe enough for sweet baby hands and faces. So far, I have used these on just about everything! I wipe Leo’s hands before he indulges in a snack and Ava’s toes since she enjoys chewing on them. This Florida heat causes my kids to sweat in their car seats, so rather than deconstructing their seats every few days for a machine wash, I use these to wipe away the germs and sweaty odor. I clean the car steering wheel, Ava’s bouncer, and I even wipe down the kitchen counters. The options are endless.

Speaking of Huggies, I also rely on their One & Done Refreshing Wipes for the baby. These are thicker than any other baby wipes I have used while also keeping a soft and smooth texture. This helps for a firmer grip on the wipe, which means you’re less likely to lose the wipe and get a finger full of baby poo (important!). Back-up Brand: Parent’s Choice. I find this brand at Wal-Mart and they are super similar in thickness and texture.  The only difference I find is that Huggies is a little more cloth-like, giving them some stretch, which I appreciate.

Last on the baby list is Dapple Pure ‘n’ Clean Pacifier Wipes. My babies never took to pacifiers, both a blessing and a curse, but these were actually given to me by a fellow momma and they are perfect for cleaning teething toys or bottle nipples. These wipes are super safe for any objects going in their mouth since they’re paraben, dye, fragrance, alcohol and chlorine FREE. An added bonus, they are individually wrapped; rather than throwing an entire pack of wipes in your diaper bag, you can grab one or two and lighten your load.

Next up, Neutrogena Makeup Remover Cleansing Towelettes – Fragrance-Free. I LOVE a good face wipe. I give my skincare regimen my very best shot, but there are some nights where a full face wash is just asking too much. Neutrogena is a quality brand known in every household, and these leave your skin feeling super refreshed. Whether I’m halfway to dreamland or in need of a morning revival, these are perfect. Back-up Brand: Up & Up from Target. Looking to save a few bucks? Is your cart a little extra full today? Did you grab that clearance throw pillow you know you don’t need? Go for these, they also get the job done!

Another woman must-have, Summer’s Eve Cleansing Cloths. I won’t get too detailed, of course, but these are such a sweet pick-me-up for any woman. Post-gym, post-beach, post ANYTHING. They are pH balanced and super safe to use. I know us momma’s don’t splurge on ourselves too often, but I highly recommend treating yourself to these.

What’s a wipe fanatic without Lysol Disinfecting Wipes? Teachers love them, moms love them, everyone loves them. They are my universal cleaning tool! I use them in the bathroom on the toilets and bath tubs, on the kitchen sink, anything that needs a tough scrub and some serious germ extermination. Don’t go for any cheaper branwipesds, I’ve noticed a lot of the time they are terribly dry and thin.

Believe it or not, there’s more. I keep e.l.f. Brush Cleaner Wipes in my makeup bag. I am all about e.l.f., great cosmetics at super affordable prices. You can eliminate even more dirt to your face with these wipes for just three dollars! STEAL.

My husband keeps eyeglass wipes on hand that are safe and soft enough for his (very expensive) lenses. We even buy wipes that are specially formulated for our television screens. What can I say? This family is wipe-obsessed and I’m not ashamed to say it. We are corner-cutting clean and ever so proud!


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