Spi(l)t Milk

When I started this blog, I promised myself I would keep it real. I knew I would write a few typical mommy posts to make my way into the baby world, but I also wanted to write about the not-so-pretty thoughts that cross mommy minds each and every day.

With that said, if my daughter spits her milk out one more time I may just lose my cool. Have you ever picked up your baby for a quick snuggle and a kiss or two? You bring that soft cheek in for the kill and BOOM, the stench of old, soured baby formula inflames your nostrils. A scent so strong, you almost prefer a golden-yellow diaper blowout.

I’m not sure why babies whine and cry for a bottle, only to spit it out and let it run deep into the crevices of their chunky monkey neck rolls. I’m not sure why they like to soak the neck of their onesie knowing mommy hasn’t done a load of baby laundry since last week.

These doctors tell you not to overly bathe your baby, “It will dry out their skin!” So why why WHY must these little bundles of joy insist on spitting their milk out, only to leave us feeling guilty for bathing them too much. Because we all know mom guilt will sink it whether we bathe them for the third day in a row, or we wipe them down only to reek an hour later like a gallon of milk left in a hot car. Somehow, that Johnson and Johnson is the only remedy for a sour neck.

And bibs? You mean the little piece of cloth that twists and turns to make its way to their back rather than their neck? You mean the thing with a neck hole so small, it stopped fitting my chunky baby three months in? Oh, the annoyance my baby girl digs into her face as she attempts to rub her eyes from delirium.

My dear sweet Ava girl, you are perfect in many ways; but please, stop spitting your milk out.


Side Note: The featured picture is a throwback of my baby boy, Leo! Oh how I miss his baby days.

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