I would say if you know me well, you know me as “Lex,” but really it seems like anyone and everyone calls me by that nickname. I’m new to the blogging world, but with the recent birth of my second baby I realized I had a whole lot to say and no one to really say it to. That’s right, I’m a momma of two; one rambunctious toddler who is more handsome than I ever imagined, and one oh-so-sweet baby girl. I am 24 years young and have a Bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education. I’m also fortunate enough to be happily married to the man who helped me create my monsters! So I’m here to talk about all things motherhood and the wife life: the roller coaster ride of raising my babies, the highs and lows of our daily adventures, and everything in between.

I initially created this blog site back in March and titled it, “Life-Proof Lex.” Well, I chickened out and thought maybe it was too much. I also chickened out and thought nobody would want to hear me talk about the same things thousands of other moms are talking about. But the thought behind it meant a lot to me, so let me explain. To say I’m durable would be an understatement. My past has been full of obstacles, bad decisions, and big heartaches. This crazy journey of mine has shaped me. It may have scraped a few of my edges, but I surely didn’t break. And the future? Let’s just say I’m not afraid. I know I can withstand whatever wrenches life wants to throw my way. I’m life-proof. I’m strong, and I think through this blog people will see just how many storms I’ve weathered. If I can do as little as find other women to relate to, or even lend a listening ear to someone experiencing similar trials, than this would already be a success.

This is big for me! I have been dwelling on the idea of going public with this blog for far too long. I’m shy, I lack major confidence, and I’m far too worried about judgment. After serious consideration, and enormous support from my husband, it’s time! I don’t know where this blog will take me. If nothing else, it will at least create a place for all of my thoughts to go. But, I do know I have a lot of experiences other young mommas can relate to. I’m hoping to gain some confidence and maybe even some fellow friends to venture on with. I have had a love for writing for as long as I can remember. I don’t give myself a whole lot of credit (something I’m working on), but I do give praise to my writing abilities. So I hope to reminisce on the good and the bad, laugh at my (many) mistakes, and maybe even learn a little more about myself. Welcome to my blog and stay tuned, I’m excited to start sharing!

Put a face to the name! Me and my tribe down below.



3 thoughts on “Lex

  1. This was an awesome first post Lex! I have loved seeing you from a baby- to a child – to a teen – a mom – and a wife! Even when a lot of times it was from a far. I can’t wait to see what the future has in store for u! Love you !


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